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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

No, this isn't a Who related post (though "their" new album, Endless Wire, hasn't yet engaged me enough to justify a single full listen, which probably says a lot about the album) - but a more literal reference to me starting a new job. As the title implies though, my old boss, will be my new boss, as I will be working for my friends' new company (different company as before, but the same friend) I'm both excited, and a little nervous at going back to the wonderful world of the tech startup, but the product looks good, is in an area that interests me, and the company appears good too. (plus I get a macbook pro out of the deal =)

That also means that I'm leaving my current gig, which also leaves me with mixed feelings. I like the people where I work right now - I really do. I like a lot of what is involved in working there. I definitely do not like driving 60 km each way every day through bad LA traffic each way (the new gig is less than half as far away), and I can do without having to deal with SQL Server, .net, Visual Studio and other Microsoft fun day in and day out. (out of respect to them, I will not be saying more than that, not only because I do like the people there, but also because I plan to maintain a relationship, both business and personal with the people there and the company)

When I know a little more about what I am doing at the new place, I will post more than a placeholder link to Steelcape.

To quote the film Yellow Submarine, "Once more unto the breach, dear meanies!"



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